Frequently Asked Questions

We try to make our website as clear as possible, and always try to make it better. Despite our efforts it can be that you have answers that are not answered by the information on our website. Below we have listed the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question, you can also contact us!


For your Roadtrip

Is there a minimal duration of the rental period of a van?

Yes, GoRoadtrip works with a minimal rental period of 7 days. Do you want to rent for a shorter period, you can contact us through info@goroadtrip.be or by phone through: (+32) 3 808 28 18.

Do I receive a rental conformation?

When you finished your booking on our website, you will receive the official rental agreement within 24 hours. If something goes wrong during the booking process on the website? Please contact us through info@goroadtrip.be or by phone through: (+32) 3 808 28 18.

How do I know my payment is well received by GoRoadtrip?

After the booking and payment are done you receive a booking conformation. In this booking conformation is mentioned the amount you paid. If something goes wrong during the payment? Please contact us through info@goroadtrip.be or by phone through (+32) 3 808 28 18.

Is making a booking or a payment safe with GoRoadtrip?

Yes this is! Our payments are done through Bancontact, that uses a safe online banking environment. For more information check www.bancontact.be.

GoRoadtrip is also using a secure SSL connection. This secures all information that you fill in on the website. You can recognize the safe SSL-connection through the gray key that stands in front of the URL in safari, or the green key in front of the URL in Chrome.

When do I have to pay a deposit?

You’ll receive a link to pay the final payment through Bancontact. This amount included the deposit and needs to be payed no later than 7 days before departure.


During your Roadtrip

Which countries can I visit with my rental van?

In alfabetical order: Albanië, Andorra, België, Bosnië en Herzegovina, Bulgarije, Canarische Eilanden, Cyprus, Denemarken, Estland, Finland, Frankrijk, Duitsland, Griekenland, Groot-Brittannië, Ierland, Italië, Kroatië, Letland, Liechtenstein, Litouwen, Luxemburg, Hongarije, Macedonië, Madeira, Malta, Moldavië, Monaco, Montenegro, Nederland, Noorwegen, Oostenrijk, Polen, Portugal, Roemenië, San Marino, Servië, Slowakije, Slovenië, Spanje, Tsjechische Republiek, Vaticaanstad, Zweden en Zwitserland.

Why can’t I visit all countries?

This is because of the insurance. Some countries are marked by insurance companies as unsafe, and do not insure the van for driving in these countries. If you have an accident or damage within these countries, all costs are for the renter.

Do we get help in case of a van breakdown or damage?

Road assistance is a standard service on all of our vans. This service is offered through the ANWB. In case you are not able to continue with your vehicle the ANWB gives you a replacement vehicle.


After your Roadtrip

When do I not get back my (full) deposit?

In case of damage, theft or not returning the van clean it is possible that we do not refund your (full) deposit. In case you do not return the van clean we always charge a minimal amount of €25,-.

How do extra kilometers get charged?

With our vans you can drive 200 free kilometers per renting day (for example: if you book 10 days you get 2.000 free kilometers), with the exception of the kilometer-free vehicles (these vehicles have unlimited kilometers). Do you want to drive further, than you pay €0,19 per extra kilometer.

How long does it take before I get back the deposit?

If you return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel and without (extra) damages we will give you back the deposit within 7 days. In case of damage(s) this can take longer.

How is the payment of fines taken care of?

We often receive fines a few weeks later and will always be send to the renter of the vehicle. The amount of the fine included €15,- administration costs and needs to be paid within 5 working days.


Customer service

When can I contact the customer service?

We are always reachable by email through info@goroadtrip.be. If you want to contact us by phone, you can reach us on Monday to Friday between 09.00 – 20.00 and on Saturday and Sunday between 10.00 – 17.00 on (+32) 3 808 28 18.



How can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking by contacting us through info@goroadtrip.be or call us through (+32) 3 808 28 18.

How much do I get refunded when I cancel my booking?

This depends on the amount of days before the starting date of your reservation:

  • Until 14 days before departure you receive 80% of the total amount.
  • Between 14 and 7 days before departure you receive 55% of the total amount.
  • Do you want to cancel your booking within 7 days before departure you do not receive a refund.